2 for the price of 1 learning

What’s wrong with an activity like writing a newspaper article about Pokemon GO? Doing such an activity will give pupils a chance to practise spelling and grammar; practise certain conventions and styles of writing; and practise structuring work.

All this is true. My objection is that, if the task were about a topic of cultural or literary significance, pupils could be doing all of the above and practising applying newfound, important knowledge.

Two for the price of one, as it were: we don’t lose any of the benefits of practising writing, but now we’ve got the added bonus of knowledge acquisition.


2 thoughts on “2 for the price of 1 learning

  1. Basia Korzeniowska

    You’re absolutely right. But writing about Pokemon go is about their culture. If the students can describe explain analyse and write with detachment about this strange cultural activity then it is as apposite an activity as any

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