Posts that stuck with me from 2014

How can you tell if a blogpost is going to stick with you? Sometimes it’s obvious. I read something I think is incredible and evangelise about it until my friends’ eyes glaze over. Or the stars might align and someone posts a remarkable, practical, on-point solution to a problem that’s currently plaguing me. But there’s also those blogs that I skim read quickly and don’t make much of, yet find they keep cropping up in my mind. There’s just something about them… Maybe you can’t really tell except with the benefit of hindsight.

There have been some standout blogs this year that I’ve found myself mulling over weeks or months later. For what it’s worth, these are the blogs that have really stuck with me in 2014:

“One of your statements that stood out to me was the one about schools ‘farming out their core purpose to parents’. Surely you’re not suggesting that a school’s core purpose is to teach kids to read (or write, or ‘do’ math)?”

This highlighted the deep ideological differences in education to me like nothing else.

  • I love the Teach like a Champion blog. It gives me ideas for marginal gains that accumulate to make a real difference to my lessons. My favourite is this, despite the cliche klaxons set off by “false dichotomy”. I love Paul Powell’s high-low structure.
  • @readingthebooks heartfelt conviction is so career-affirming to read about. She’s on fine form here, and I found myself nodding along to parts even though she’s defending a system I disagree with. Quoted for truth:

“I’m not sure I can ascribe to a system where an equivalent D represents a good thing. I’m tired of people telling me “that’s a huge achievement for that student,” because it might be, but we can do better; they can do better. We need to have bigger ambitions of our own ability to transform the life chances of every single child; not just the borderline children, of all children.”

There are definitely some absolute stunners I’ve left out: that tells you more about the foibles of my long term memory than anything else. Here’s to 2015 and many more mind expanding blogs!

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