Here’s a pic of my most recently read books on kindle:


I’m a nervous researcher. I like to glean tips from here there and everywhere so that I start with expert advice brimming from every orifice.


Teaching doesn’t – or didn’t for me this past week – work like that.

I know exactly what I should be doing differently but putting it into practice is so, so hard when you have 10 things to think about at once. Pacing, differentiation, using mathematical language, behaviour, praise, etc. etc. I’m currently relying on what one of the experienced teachers told me. He said teaching is like driving. When you learn to drive you think you’ll never master it. You can’t even remember which pedal is which, let alone do all the changing gears and observations. But over time parts of it just come naturally and you can change your focus.

This is my new mantra: it will come. Stay calm. It will come. Stressing about all the above is probably the least productive thing to be doing right now.

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  1. Sara

    Thanks for your blog. I’m a TFer starting this year and it makes interesting (if sometimes a little scary!) reading. Which books have you found most useful? I’ve been reading a bit about teaching and I feel like I’m getting a lot of general pedagogy theory (which *is* useful) but not much along the lines of: so this is what you should actually do. I’ve heard good things about Teach Like A Champion – has it helped you at all?
    Cheers. Keep up the good work.

    1. RedGreen Post author

      Ooh. I LOVE teach like a champion but it doesn’t give a basic grounding – more high level. Buy it, use it, but bear in mind it will only reveal its full power later on in the year IMO.

      I also liked Teaching as Leadership.

      I read a lot of other books that were shit tbh – I didn’t find any of the general NQT advice books helpful.

      I am involved in a really exciting book that’s coming out in a few weeks specifically for Teach Firsters – “how to start on Teach First” – which is meant to fill exactly this niche. Look out for it!

      Also, if you want some light autobiographical bedtime reading from real teach firsters try “to miss with love” and “hands up”.

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